DSC_4833.JPGThe Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournamentis held every year between Christmas and New Year on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December in Assen, The Netherlands. The  tournament is famous for its high level of volleyball and great atmosphere, an ideal combination!

Every year almost 1,000 participants (about 90 teams) from several countries compete for the titles in their category. The tournament is a great opportunity to measure your volleyball qualities against international topteams. Keep fit during the holidays or prepare your team for championships.

During the two first days you will play volleyball in a competition in one of the five sportshalls. The 29th of December is the day of the finals in every category!

The tournament has zeven different categories:

* Male or Female Higher I;
Higher division club teams and student teams with a similar level of volleyball.

* Male or Female Higher II;
Lower division club teams and student teams with a similar level of volleyball.

* Girls A-youth;
Youth school and club teams under the 18 years old.

* Girls B-youth;
Youth school and club teams under the 16 years old.

* Boys youth;
Youth school and club teams under the 18 years old.

Every team is allowed to have one dispensation player. This has to be communicated with the secretary on info@christmasvolleyballtournament.com

We provide two official referees for every match. Also counters are provided by the tournament organisation. Teams in the category Higher 1 play their matches on half centre court.


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Information for and about sponsors of the Multi-Storage KVT

The Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament is a well-known event in the city of Assen. Besides the large group of volunteers we have another group which warrants our Tournament, the sponsors. The sponsors of the Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament are the fundaments of our tournament and create the tournament to a yearly returning success. By supporting us with …

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The organisation of the 62nd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament Chairman Tessa van Gennip; tessa@kerstvolleybal.nl Secretary Myrthe Rook; myrthe@kerstvolleybal.nl Janneke Verbree; janneke@kerstvolleybal.nl   Treasures Noralie Wind; noralie@kerstvolleybal.nl Ruben Hilbolling; ruben@kerstvolleybal.nl René Willems; rene@kerstvolleybal.nl   Promotion and Sponsoring Timmo Klok; timmo@kerstvolleybal.nl André van der Haar; andre@kerstvolleybal.nl Entertainment Jeroen Russchen; jeroen@kerstvolleybal.nl   Accomodation Penta Michel Slagter; michel@kerstvolleybal.nl Rik …

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Volunteers sought for Christmas Volleyball Tournament (m/f)

Each year we can organize the Christmas Volleyball Tournament thanks to all the volunteers who work very hard during the preparations and during the 3 tournament days. Without these people, we are nothing! We, from the organization, search every year for people who also want to help us out. Think for example about cashiers, counters, …

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Where to sleep and live during the Multi-Storage KVT

‘Salland’ For accommodation the Christmas Volleyball Tournament has an agreement with comprehensive school Vincent van Gogh. In this school building, called Salland, the participants will stay during the tournament. You can stay in Salland from the 26th until the 30th of December. About 550 participants will be staying in the class rooms of Salland. The athletes will sleep with their own team and another team …

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Special transportation for players, even during the prom! This year we drive up to five buses. These players away from the sport and to bring out. There is also a possibility of players and bring to their host family. From Boxing Day through to the finals on December 29, no fewer than 12 drivers and …

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