Where to sleep and live during the Multi-Storage KVT


For accommodation the Christmas Volleyball Tournament has an agreement with comprehensive school Vincent van Gogh. In this school building, called Salland, the participants will stay during the tournament. You can stay in Salland from the 26th until the 30th of December.

About 550 participants will be staying in the class rooms of Salland. The athletes will sleep with their own team and another team in one class room. Also several teams will sleep in the gym of Salland. You are welcome to state your preferences of the class room arrangements on info@christmasvolleyballtournament.com. We can’t garantee to comply with all preferences.

The Salland-crew will serve breakfast for the teams which stay in Salland building each morning (till 10 o’clock AM). There is also a Salland-bar, where we spin some music and where you can have a good time with your team and other teams. Also, there are showers in Salland, but we advise teams to take a shower in the sports halls.

We’ve shuttle busses which can drive the players from Salland to the sports halls.

Salland costs € 20,- per person for the whole tournament.

_MG_8870.JPGHost Families

Host families are among the many volunteers who help with the Christmas Volleyball Tournament.

Host families open their homes to at least two players, so that they they can stay in a dutch family during the tournament. Staying with a host family is free of charge and most of all, it’s a great oppertunity to learn the Dutch culture.

The following issues are important to know if you want to stay with host families.

  • All players have to take their own sleeping gear.
  • It’s possible that a player get a warm meal from the family, but you have to discuss this with the host family. Of course it isn’t intended that the player will eat the diner of the host familie in the sports hall.
  • We’ll expect of every player that he will be nice and respectful for the guest family. In case of misconduct the organising comittee will withhold your teams deposit

If you want to stay in host families, it’s important to notify us as soon as possible on info@christmasvolleyballtournament.com. The number of places with host families is limited.

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