Information for and about sponsors of the Multi-Storage KVT

DSC_0022.JPGThe Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament is a well-known event in the city of Assen. Besides the large group of volunteers we have another group which warrants our Tournament, the sponsors. The sponsors of the Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament are the fundaments of our tournament and create the tournament to a yearly returning success. By supporting us with both material and financial means, they provide 1000 volleyball players and thousands of citizens of Assen an unforgettable tournament.

Yearly thousands of citizens see your company name in an advertisement brochure, program book, on the cars of the organisation, in every sport complex and off course your staff can experience an unforgettable night on the smashing prom with 2000 visitors! This is just a small part of the possibilities the Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament offers to her sponsors. Off course we offer a customized accommodation to our sponsors, this guarantees that your wishes will be fulfilled ultimately.

At this moment our biggest sponsor is called Multi-Storage. We are very glad that they will support our tournament during 6 years.

We do realise that this information doesn’t give you a perfect overview of our prestigious tournament. That’s why we offer to visit you, so that we can have an optional conversation about your wishes. You can always contact Timmo Klok (

We proudly presents our main sponsors:

Multi-Storage (main sponsor)

Christelijke Scholengemeenschap Vincent van Gogh

Sportcafé De Pimpelaer

Happerij & Tapperij Zusjes de Boer


Autoverhuur Drenthe


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