To register for the 63rd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament you must first agree to the tournament conditions.

For questions regarding registrations and dispensation players can be taken to contact the secretary (Myrthe Rook) via or +31 6 2046 2881.

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Registered teams

Teams This page shows all teams that have completed their registation. Is your team not here yet? Do not panic immediately. A team is officially registered when all tournament conditions are complied with. If you have any questions about your registration, please contact the secretary. Male Higher Langhenkel Orion H3 Langhenkel Orion H2 VC Krimpen Rivo Rijssen …

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Tournament Conditions 63rd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament

Please read the following conditions carefully before proceeding to the actual registration page. 1. A team will be considered registered when three matters are settled. First of all, the registration through the website. Second, paying the registration fee, deposit and fee for staying in Salland (before the 25th of November) and third, sending the passport …

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Match Schedules 62nd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament

Below are the schedules of the 62nd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament. The schedules are online so you can print them and take them with you. Do you search for the schedules during your visit to the tournament? Visit our mobile website: (link is offline). Female Higher I | Female Higher II | Male Higher …

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Results and standings 61st Multi-Storage KVT

On the following pages you will find all the positions and results of the 61st Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament 2010. Download the following documents as PDF. The organization looks back with a sufficient coverage of the tournament. In October, the registration for the 62nd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament will open. Turn on checking this site in your diary! Enjoy up to that time of the photos and the ‘CVT tapes‘. Results and positions after the first playing day …

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