Tournament Conditions 63rd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament

Please read the following conditions carefully before proceeding to the actual registration page.

1. A team will be considered registered when three matters are settled. First of all, the registration through the website. Second, paying the registration fee, deposit and fee for staying in Salland (before the 25th of November) and third, sending the passport photographs and copies of the student/volleyball card of all players; officials only have to send a photograph (before the 25th of November).

2. All participants and their coach(es) have to send us a photograph, with name and date of birth on the other site. Athletes also have to send us a copy of their student card or of the card of your national volleyball association. Both items can be send to the following address:

Vereniging Kerst Volleybal Toernooi
P.O. Box 745

There is also a possibility to send the photographs and copies to us by e-mail ( if the pictures are sent in a text file with the name below the photo. These photos do have to be of good quality and the right size. The organising committee will decide if the criteria are met.

3. The registration fee amounts 120,- Euro per team and the deposit is €50,- per team. The fee for Salland amounts € 20,- per person (inclusing breakfast) for the whole tournament. These amounts have to be in the bank account ( of the ‘Vereniging Kerst Volleybal Toernooi’ by the 25th of November at the latest, stating your team name and team contact.

The address of the bank is:
Neptunusplein 2

In some countries you also need an IBAN code or a SWIFT address: IBAN: NL40 RABO 0382 8018 81 SWIFT-address: RABONL2U

4. Every team has the right to bring one dispensation player. If a team wants to use this opportunity, this has to be requested prior to registration on the website. This can be done by telephone (+31 6 3727 3013) or by email:

5. Cancellation for the tournament after the 1st of December means that the registration money and deposit will not be returned to the team.

6. All athletes participate on the tournament at their own risk.

7. Because the CVT is originally a tournament for students, we established a maximum age of 30 for the category Higher 2. For the category Youth A, there is a maximum age of 18 years old. And for the category Youth B there is a maximum age of 16 years old.  The Boys youth categorie has an age limit of 18 years old. For the category Higher 1 there is no age limit.

8. During the Christmas Volleyball Tournament the matches will be played according to the NeVoBo rules (see game rules). One of the rules is that all teams have to be dressed in uniform; the matches are played according to the Rally Point System; playing with a libero is allowed.

9. Teams who are staying in the school ‘Salland’ or with host families during the tournament, have to mind the rules stated by the organising committee. You can find these rules on our website, at the entrance of the school and in the CVT-magazine. If the rules are violated, you will loose your deposit and risk being disqualified from the tournament.

I do not agree to these conditions

I agree to these conditions and want to register for the Christmas Volleyball Tournament

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Game rules for the 63rd Multi-Storage Christmas Volleyball Tournament

1. At the Christmas Volleyball Tournament all matches will be played according to the official NeVoBo (Dutch Volleyball Association) rules. 2. Every team has the right to bring 1 dispensation player, unless otherwise agreed with the secretary. If a team wishes to use this possibility, this has to be requested prior to the registration. This …

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Not accept the terms

To apply for the CVT, you need to agree to the tournament conditions. You’ve indicated that you do not agree. For more information contact the secretary: Vereniging Kerst Volleybal Toernooi P.O. Box 745 9400 AS ASSEN Holland Mail: Phone: +31 6 3727 3013

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